Do You Wake Up With Back Pain? Here Are Some Potential Reasons

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While some people develop back pain over the course of the day, especially if they sit for long stretches or have a physically demanding job that involves lots of lifting, others may be sore the moment they wake up. Starting your day with a sore back is bad news — you might feel sluggish and irritable as the day goes on and be so uncomfortable that you forgo fun activities such as playing pickup basketball after work with colleagues or going on a bicycle ride with your children.

A chiropractor can help you with your back pain, but it's useful to know why you might be waking up sore. Here are some potential reasons.

Your Mattress Is Worn Out

Many people have a bad habit of sleeping on their mattress far longer than they should. Whether they're not keen on paying for a new one or don't want the hassle of mattress shopping, it's easy to just accept the status quo. However, a worn-out mattress can be detrimental to your back health — and have you experiencing soreness by the time you wake up. If the mattress is saggy beneath your body, it won't support your spine. In this scenario, your spine can sag at an unhealthy angle, resulting in discomfort over the course of the night.

You Sit Improperly Before Bed

Whether you're watching TV or reading for a period of time before you turn off the lights, you might find yourself sitting up in bed. In this position, many people will sit in a slouched manner — after all, slouching can seem comfortable when you're tired. However, this slouching can be detrimental to your back; your spine will be put into an awkward position, which can leave you in pain throughout the night and even after you wake up. If you sit in bed, make sure to sit up straight and support your body with pillows behind you.

You Lie Awake Stressed

If you lie awake for part of the night feeling stressed, you may have back pain by the time you wake up in the morning. The tension that your body goes through when you're stressed can lead to back pain, and your body may be tense even after you drift off to sleep. If you're having trouble falling asleep because of your stress, it can be useful to try some yoga or a short meditation before you get into bed. And, of course, it's also helpful to identify the cause of your stress and address it.

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