How A Chiropractor Can Help You After An Injury

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If you have recently been in a fender bender and you are experiencing some pain then you want to get some treatment that will help you. While you should go see your doctor and get fully checked over, you should also start seeing a chiropractor to get help with the pain. Your doctor can do certain things for your pain, such as give you a shot that will take the pain away short term or give you pain pills which may come with some unwanted side effects. However, a chiropractor can help you in other ways that will help you to put the pain behind you faster and for longer. Here is what you can expect when you go to see a chiropractor for pain relief:

The chiropractor will test your range of motion

Testing your range of motion will involve you following the chiropractor's requests for you to move your body around in different ways. This is done so they can get a good idea of where the problem is coming from and how it is affecting the rest of your body. Some of the moves you may be asked to do include reaching up over your head, reaching your arms from side to side, twisting your torso, moving your legs certain ways, walking a straight line, walking on your tippy toes and much more. After this test the chiropractor will have a better idea or which course of action to take with regards to your treatment.

The chiropractor will use different methods to help calm the pain

They may have you lay on a table for a while with ice packs, heat packs or tens unit pads on the affected areas. These courses of action are meant to help your pain at that moment and for the short term. They may also give you instructions on doing this at home. The instructions will tell you how often to do the treatments and for how long you want to do them each session.

The chiropractor will give you an adjustment to help heal your body

They will adjust the parts of your body that need it. This can include realigning your neck, back and/or hips. They can give you adjustments using different methods. They can manually move you around to put everything back in proper alignment or they can use a hand held device that goes up and down your spine and clicks gently on your back while helping your spine to move accordingly.