Aggravating Knee Pain At 25? It's All In Your Feet

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Most people associate knee pain with arthritis and other age-related health problems. But if you're in your 20s and experience aggravating knee pain, it's time to look at your feet. Some foot problems can inadvertently trigger pain in your knees. Here's one foot problem that can aggravate your knees.

Your Problem: You Have Flat Feet 

If the arches in your feet are low or non-existent, you could have flat feet. The bottoms of your feet should curve slightly upward in a delicate arch. Arches help your body stay balanced and perfectly aligned when you stand up. Arches also allow your feet to absorb shock and support the weight of your body when you walk or run. When your feet are flat, they can't distribute your body's weight properly. 

Flat feet can make your ankles roll or turn inward, which creates unnatural stress on the ligaments and joints in your knees. Pain can develop in your knees and later spread to your thighs, hips, and lower back. The heels and balls of your feet might also hurt if you have flat feet. 

With the right solutions, you can find relief from your foot and knee problems.

Your Solutions: Wear Orthotics

You can do a number of things to ease your aggravating knee pain and treat the problems in your feet, including seeing a chiropractor. A chiropractor will most likely examine your feet to see if they're responsible for the pain in your knees. A chiropractor may ask you to stand on a flat surface to inspect the arches in your feet. If the exam reveals that your feet are flat, a chiropractor can remedy the problem with orthotics

Orthotics, such as raised or cushioned shoe inserts, may support the bottoms of your feet. The inserts can be fabricated to fit the exact measurements and specifications of your feet. If you need additional support for your flat feet, a chiropractor may recommend specific shoes and sneakers for you to wear. The footwear will support your feet and reduce stress on your knees when you exercise, work, or perform everyday activities.

You can also reduce your knee pain by resting your feet after work or exercise. Some people soak their feet in warm water at the end of the day. If you need ideas on how to soothe your feet and knees, speak to a chiropractor right away.

For more information about flat feet and knee pain, consult with a chiropractor.