What Can a Car Accident Chiropractor Treat?

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When you get into a car accident, your body goes through a lot. The sudden back and forth jolt of motion can cause your spine to go out of alignment, your neck to slam to and fro, and other body aches and pains. Even if you feel fine immediately after your wreck, bodily injury can present itself in the following weeks and months.

You should get a referral to not just a medical doctor, but a chiropractor as well if you get injured in a car accident. Your chiropractor can treat a variety of conditions related to car accidents and can help you feel better, sooner. Here are things a vehicle accident chiropractor can treat.


Getting whiplash is perhaps among the most common car accident injuries people can suffer from. This type of injury occurs when a sudden force causes the neck to whip back and forth rapidly and with great pressure, resulting in neck, nerve, muscle, joint, and bone injury. Whiplash can lead to neck swelling and stiffness, pain, and headaches.

You may not feel whiplash effects immediately, but you will over time. A chiropractor works on whiplash patients by gently manipulating neck joints, bones, and muscles back to proper place so you can get greater mobility back in your movements and heal more quickly.

Hip Injury

Your hips can get injured in an auto wreck, going out of alignment. This causes your back and neck to also go out of alignment and creates a bone and joint position issue. Your chiropractor will adjust your hips so you can keep sciatic and other nerve pain at bay while allowing you to walk with a straighter, more even gait.

Lower Back

If your hips have been injured in a car accident, then your lower back may be in pain as well. Issues with the sciatic nerve can be painful and irritating, but you can get relief from a chiropractic specialist.

Your chiropractor will usually do many appointments with you to restore your body back to a better condition, so you have to continue treatments as they recommend. Some chiropractors work directly with doctors to help give alternative and traditional care simultaneously. In order to heal in the quickest and healthiest fashion, your chiropractic specialist will give you a full exam of your bones and joints before performing custom care.

When you get into a car wreck, see a car accident chiropractor as soon as you can. The sooner you start getting joint and bone care, the sooner you can heal.