Signs Your Slip And Fall Injury Requires Chiropractor Care

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Have you recently had a slip and fall accident but you think you feel fine? Do you believe you don't have that severe of an injury, even if you are in a little bit of pain? You may still need to see a chiropractor, even if you can still move around. In the end, it's up to you whether you get the care you think you need or don't, and your insurance may help pay for some or all of your care.

First, see your doctor if you are in extreme pain or if you're worried about a slipped disk, neck or back injury, concussion, or other injury. Then, see a chiropractor and continue to go to this professional until you have been considered healed and released from their care. Your slip and fall injury may not feel worrisome to you right now, but in the end, it may require more care than you think. Here are signs your slip and fall injury requires chiropractic care.

You have issues with mobility

A slip and fall can knock you around and cause you to have a slipped disc, hip, or other joint stiffness, or otherwise interfere with your mobility. The longer you let an injury that results in poor mobility go unchecked, the longer it will take to heal. Some of the damage may even be unable to be reversed, so you have to be careful when you choose to not let a slip and fall injury get treated. Your chiropractor will show you the areas that are stiff and why and can show you exercises you can do at home to continue care.

You have ongoing headaches and other aches

Do you have headaches that don't go away? Do you have body aches that ebb and flow in severity based on how much movement you are doing in a day? If you are worried about your slip and fall injury and want to make sure it heals very well, then you should see a chiropractor for care. They are the specialist who can tell where your body is out of alignment due to your slip and fall injury and can help remedy the situation by putting your body back into alignment.

You may take several sessions to get the relief you need. Your chiropractor will tell you how many sessions they want you to have to get the care you need so you can have the best results and feel better from your slip and fall injury soon.